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Gourami Pearl/Lace

Gourami Pearl/Lace

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The Pearl Gourami Trichopodus leerii (previously Trichogaster leerii) is one of the most beautiful freshwater fish. It is a light brown to reddish brown color covered with white pearly dots, a mosaic type pattern that gives them an almost violet glow. A thin lacy brown stripe runs horizontally along the center, tapering away as it approaches the tail. Breeding males are extremely striking with a deep red throat and breast. This fish is also known as the Leeri Gourami along with some common names derived from its elegant accents that include the Mosaic Gourami, Lace Gourami, and Diamond Gourami.

This species is one of the Labyrinth fish, members of the suborder Anabantoidei, also called Anabantoids. They are distinguished from all other types of fish because they can breathe atmospheric oxygen. Although they can still get oxygen by passing water through their gills, they have an additional respiratory organ called the "labyrinth organ". In nature if the water begins to dry up or becomes polluted, this organ gives them the distinct ability to breath oxygen by gulping air at the surface.  Another labyrinth fish characteristic this fish displays is that of being a bubble nest builder. Once the female lays the eggs, the male will put them in his bubble nest and continue to guard the eggs until they hatch.

Some labyrinth fish have voices!...and the Pearl Gourami is no exception. The fish has a kind of vocalization that sounds like croaking, growling, or cracking tones. This is generally most pronounced during breeding or with territorial type behavior, but whether it has any special function is unknown.

This is an excellent aquarium fish. It is hardy and easy to breed making it an excellent first fish for people entering the hobby. They are able to reach a length of about 4 3/5 inches (12 cm) but will usually be about 3 - 4 inches (7.5 - 10 cm) in the aquarium. They are long lived and seem to be quite aware of their owners. This beautiful fish also has an endearing habit of using its pelvic fins to feel the environment and even feel its tank mates.

Despite being relatively large they are among the most peaceful fish of this size. Their pleasant demeanor makes them a perfect community fish but they do tend to be shy. They need to be housed in a well planted, roomy aquarium with open areas for swimming. In such a set up these initially timid fish will begin to show themselves. The best tankmates are those with a similar temperament, though make sure companion fish aren't so small that they get snacked on. Avoid tankmates that are overly boisterous. Also avoid those that are aggressive, such as cichlids, or this beautiful fish will hide in a corner, loose its color, and may stop feeding.

Another interesting characteristic of the Pearl Gourami is that they are well known for eating hydra. This is also a characteristic of the Blue Gourami and its color morphs. The hydra is a tiny pest that has tentacles with a venom. Very small fish that come in contact with the hydra are paralyzed by the venom, and then held fast by the tentacles until eaten by the hydra. If you have a hydra problem in your aquarium, here is your solution!

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