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Hatchetfish - Silver (Gasteropelecus Sternicla)

Hatchetfish - Silver (Gasteropelecus Sternicla)

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Common name: Silver Hatchetfish, Common Hatchet

Scientific name: Gasteropelecus sternicla

Average Adult Fish Size: 2.5 inches / 6 cm

Place of Origin: The Amazon River Basin, the Guianas and Venezuela.

Typical Tank setup: Typical planted community tank although actual set up not that important as the silver hatchet will generally stay at the top surface of the water so decor won’t affect this fish.

Recommended Minimum Aquarium Capacity: 20 gallon  /  80 litre

Compatibility: The Silver Hatchetfish is suitable for community aquariums with other peaceful species. They are also schooling fish and will be much happier in a group of 6 or more. The large group will keep them less stressed, therefore less likely to get a disease.

Temperature: 74 – 81 Deg F  /  24 – 27 Deg C

Water chemistry: pH 6.0 – 7.0

Feeding: From the way the mouth if positioned you can that this fish feeds from the surface therefore floating food is needed. They will eat flakes and also like small insects such as fruit flies and mosquito larvae.

Sexing: Females tend to be slightly chunkier although it is normally very hard to sex the silver hatchetfish.

Breeding: Unknown and currently unrecorded in the home aquarium.

Additional Information: Gasteropelecus Sternicla are a more unusual freshwater fish, Much resembling a hatchet (axe) they have thin deep bodies, upturned mouths and high pectoral fins. This fish is the only true ‘flying fish’ in the wild Gasteropelecus Sternicla will leap into the air moving their pectoral fins to help them ‘fly’ and to catch flying insects to eat.  Of course this means they are exceptional jumpers, have a tightly fitted with no gaps on your aquariums hood!

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