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Rasbora - Hengels (Trigonostigma hengeli)

Rasbora - Hengels (Trigonostigma hengeli)

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Hengel’s Rasboras are a peaceful, hardy fish that is active in the aquarium, yet does not annoy other fish. They look best when kept in small schools; and are excellent community fish. They go particularly well with peaceful Tetras and other Rasboras, smaller bottom dwelling species such as the Corydoras Catfish or Bristlenose Catfish.

They will bring lots of activity to the top levels of your aquarium and should not bother any of their tank mates.

An aquarium of at least 20 gallon / 75L is to be preferred when housing a school of  rasbora. It is a hardy fish and it will do well in most aquariums as long as they are not kept with large or aggressive tank mates. Ideal tank decoration includes dense vegetation along the sides and the back of the aquarium while still leaving some open area in the middle for the fish to swim in. A dark bottom substrate helps intensify the coloration of the fish. They prefer if there are a couple of shaded areas among bogwood and plants. Keep some bottom dwelling fish in the aquarium to help clean up food that sinks to the bottom as Rasboras very seldom swims to the bottom and food that sinks to the bottom might otherwise be left there to pollute the water.

Feeding Rasbora

The  rasbora is easy to feed as it is an omnivore that will accept most types of food. They will readily devour flake food and flakes can make the base of their diet. They should however be offered a varied diet that includes vegetables as well as frozen and live food. This will keep your fish in better condition than a diet of just flake food and will make them more colourful.

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