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Hygrophila sp. Tiger

Hygrophila sp. Tiger

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A very narrow-leaved variant of Hygrophila polysperma with a nice brown marbled pattern on the upper side of the leaf. Quite similar to Hygrophila sp. "Bold", but with a somewhat less pointy leaf tip. This stem plant is as fast growing and undemanding as other variants of Hygrophila polysperma. It is e.g. suitable for first planting freshly set-up tanks. The emerged form has shorter green leaves.

Hygrophila sp. 'Tiger' is in many respects quite similar to H. polysperma. It grows to a comparable size, as rapidly (or maybe even faster), and its growth habit is also very much like that of H. polysperma. It is as undemanding and tolerates a great range of conditions.

Family Acanthaceae
Genus Hygrophila
Difficulty very easy
Usage Background, Midground
Growth very fast
pH value 5 - 8
Temperature tolerance 4 - 35°C
Carbonate hardness 2 - 21°dKH
General hardness 0 - 30°dGH
Propagation Cuttings
Can grow emersed? yes
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