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Hyptis lorentziana

Hyptis lorentziana

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Not overly picky about the conditions under which it grows, it needs strong lighting, the addition of ample co2 and a well rounded fertilization routine to show the strong royal purple colors and compact growth. Limiting nitrate levels to around ten to fifteen part per million will help accomplish that. Additionally, a phosphate level of 1-2ppm should be maintained. It has a medium to fast growth rate under those parameters.

To accomplish propagation, one should top the stem with sharp scissors just above a pair of leaves, leaving about 3-4 inches of stem planted in the substrate. This will encourage new sides shoots to form. As with any other stem plant the tops can then also be replanted to form new plants. 
Due to its striking coloration, Hyptis lorentziana is best used as an accent plant in the backdrop of an aquascape. The large purple leaves make an excellent contrast to the many finer-leaved green plants that are available in the hobby.

Supplied 4-6 stems in emmered form will turn stunning purple when grown submerged

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