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Moss - Java (Taxophyllum barberi)

Moss - Java (Taxophyllum barberi)

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Java moss makes a nice addition to any tank yet it requires no special gravel or base layer to thrive.

Even better, it can attach to gravel or substrates which has the added benefit of keeping it from circulating with the water currents in your tank.

In addition, it will attach itself to almost anything in your tank that sits still for long enough, including commercial decorations, rocks, and driftwood.

The perfect moss for cold water, it is excellent for baby fish and shrimp, as well as fish spawning. 

Java moss is a moss belonging to the Hypnaceae family. Native to Southeast Asia, it is commonly used in freshwater aquariums. It attaches to rocks, roots, and driftwood. (taxiphyllum barbieri)    
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