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Limnophila aromatica - Kalimantan 'Mini'

Limnophila aromatica - Kalimantan 'Mini'

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This small stem plant was first known as Limnophila sp. "Mini" and is also called L. sp. "Kalimantan Mini". It was taken for the species Limnophila repens, however, according to Kasselmann (2010), its flower characteristics match those of Limnophila aromatica. It is therefore a dwarf form of L. aromatica. We do not have reliable information about its origin, however the trading name "Kalimantan Mini" implies that the plant was probably found in Kalimantan, the Indonesian part of Borneo island.

Confusingly, there is also another small Limnophila form under the name L. aromatica "Mini", but that plant looks more similar to Limnophila hippuridoides and is provisionally called Limnophila cf. hippuridoides "Mini" by us.

Limnophila aromatica "Mini" stays much smaller than other customary forms of L. aromatica. The underwater leaves have a serrated edge and often do not exceed a length of 1 to 2,5 cm. They are arranged in pairs (opposite) or in whorls, mostly with 3 leaves. However, at Aquasabi company, this dwarf Limnophila got 3-5 cm long, 4-5 mm wide leaves, up to six per whorl, under intense lighting and ample CO2 and nutrient supply. Die shoots may reach a height of more than 30 cm, but the plant looks best when it is shaped into a group of about 10 to 20 cm.

The submerged leaves are beautifully brown-red with intense lighting. The leaf midribs and stems often remain light green, contrasting to the leaf surface. With moderate lighting, the leaves are rather light green. The stomata on the leaves are apparent under water as tiny silvery spots.

The emersed leaves are coarser than the underwater leaves and medium-green.

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