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Macro Algae - Dragons Breath (Rare)

Macro Algae - Dragons Breath (Rare)

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*All pieces are small clumps not attached, please refer to picture*

A very unique macro algae that glows in actinic light the same as coral and looks like flames from a dragons mouth! It will glow shades of mainly red with some orange and yellow at the new growth tips. Make sure there is adequate flow, nutrition and trace elements. This can be glued to rock, provided the glued area is fully exposed to light to increase the chance of it creating a holdfast. It can also be tumbled freely to make a fascinating refugium! (See Video)

Recommended Requirements: High full spectrum lighting, all trace elements, Iron, Iodine, good flow and adequate Nutrient levels (NO3/PO4 Obviously)

Note: If you want the DB to glow red under blue lighting, make sure whites are at minimal recommended and UV, Normal Blue, Red and Greens are elevated. This can affect growth speeds slower as opposed to specialised Pink/White plant spectrums. With the addition of proper trace element dosing this can help make up for the lack of whites. 

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Macro Algae - Dragons Breath (Rare)
Macro Algae - Dragons Breath (Rare)
Macro Algae - Dragons Breath (Rare)
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