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Molly - Gold Black Lyretail

Molly - Gold Black Lyretail

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Most people will have seen a molly fish at one point or another. They are one of the most commonly kept fish amongst fish keeping enthusiasts.

They are perfect for people new to the hobby as they are easy to care for.They produce live young.

As an active and social group, you will see plenty of interesting behaviors and unique personalities begin to develop. They are a simple way to add some beautiful fish to your tank.

Molly fish come in lots of varieties with different colors and shapes. With so many to choose from there’s one to suit everybody.

Scientific Name
Common Name Molly, molly fish
Tank size 10 gallons and more
Temperament Peaceful
Diet Omnivorous
Temperature 72°F- 78°F (22 to 26 °С)
pH 6.7-8.5

about 4 inches large (10 cm)

Colour may vary from picture

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