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Snail Nassarius (Zombie) - Saltwater species

Snail Nassarius (Zombie) - Saltwater species

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*Due to variances in species, the animal may not resemble the same shape/colour shell as picture*

The Zombie Snail is a great scavenger that will eat various kind of organic material such as fish waste, leftover foods and even dying or death fish, making it a beneficial addition to your tank. Another benefit of having these snails in your tank is that they will also help to aerate the sandy substrate of your tank as they sift through the substrate while searching for food. This action also helps to reduce the growth of slime algae or cyanobacteria on the substrate surface. They also have the habit of burying their whole shell in the substrate, with only siphon protruding above the substrate. This siphon is used to sense the presence of food. They will move quickly, often as a group towards the food source once food is detected. They have an internal proboscis that can protrude out 3x their body length! But that is hardly ever seen. 

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