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New Life Spectrum Marine Fish Regular Sinking Pellet

New Life Spectrum Marine Fish Regular Sinking Pellet

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New Life Spectrum Marine Fish Regular Sinking Pellet (1-1.5mm)

Ideal for smaller fish like Angels, Tangs and Gobys. The slow sinking pellet with optimised formula and improved ingredients allows better digestion and uptake to the body resulting in not only healthy fish but also looking their best.

Improved colour
Improved health

New Life Spectrum food is made with high quality, easily digestible South Antarctic Krill, Herring, and several all-natural colour-enhancing ingredients for a balanced diet that boosts immune system function and enhances the full spectrum of your fish’s colour. With the belief that all fish require a complete and fully balanced varied diet, New Life also contains Algae Meal, that consists of Seaweed, Kelp, and Haematococcus pluvialis (a micro algae), a premium grade of natural Spirulina, as well as a fruit & vegetable extract.

All New Life Spectrum products also contain a generous inclusion rate of Garlic (Allium Sativum) with the Thera-A formulas containing a mega-dose of this natural anti-parasitic ingredient.

All ingredients used are almost identical, since we cannot find anything better than what we are using. However, the crude analysis will be different due to the percentage of ingredients incorporated into a specific formula.

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