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Pleco - Blue Eyed Lemon Bristlenose L144

Pleco - Blue Eyed Lemon Bristlenose L144

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Family: Loricariidae

A. cirrhosus is native to the Argentinian portion of the Paran river drainage but all A. cf. cirrhosus in the hobby are produced commercially and of uncertain origin.


Maximum Standard Length:
100 – 125mm

Aquarium Size:
A tank with a base measuring 60 x 30cm or equivalent is sufficient to house a single specimen or breeding pair. Larger quarters would be required for a group.

Compared to some others in the genus it’s largely undemanding, but does prefer well-oxygenated water. Provided there is plenty of cover decor is largely unimportant.

Water Conditions:
 21 – 26°C
pH: 5.5 – 7.5
Hardness: 18 – 268ppm

Does best when offered a varied diet comprising sinking dried foods, frozen Daphnia, mosquito larvae, chironomid larvae (bloodworm), and prawn/shrimp, for, example, plus some fresh fruit, parboiled potato, etc. Home-made foods using a mixture of natural ingredients bound with gelatin are very useful since they can be tailored to contain fresh vegetables, Spirulina and meatier ingredients.

Behaviour and Compatibility:
Relatively peaceful but territorial with conspecifics and similarly-shaped species.

Sexual Dimorphism:
Adult males possess well-developed odontodes on the pectoral fins and opercle and tentacles on the head while females do not.

Cave-spawner with the male responsible for brood care. It’s commonly bred in aquaria and in well-maintained, mature set-ups juveniles may begin to appear without intervention.
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