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Pleco - Pitbull LDA25 (Parotocinclus jumbo)

Pleco - Pitbull LDA25 (Parotocinclus jumbo)

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Once common in the aquarium hobby, they almost disappeared due to being unable to be exported from Brazil. These guys are like plecos meets otocinclus meets corydoras. They're very peaceful and prefer to stay on the substrate rather than hanging out on other surfaces. The LDA025 Pitbull Pleco or Goby Pleco is a unique dwarf species of Loricariid found in rivers and streams in Eastern Brazil.

In the wild it is similar to the more well-known Otocinclus, living in large groups and grazing on algae and biofilm which makes it an ideal algae control fish for most aquariums. Peaceful, hardy, and active, the Pitbull Pleco is deservedly popular if much less common in the hobby as it once was. This species should be kept in groups of at least three and will do best in an aquarium with plenty of cover in the form of live plants, rockwork, and driftwood.

Natural Range: Northeast Brazil

Source: Aquarium Bred and Raised

Estimated size at shipping: 1-2"

Max Size: around 2-2.5"

Sold as: Unsexed

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        Pleco - Pitbull LDA25 (Parotocinclus jumbo)
        Pleco - Pitbull LDA25 (Parotocinclus jumbo)
        Pleco - Pitbull LDA25 (Parotocinclus jumbo)
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