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Poly-Filter Media Pad

Poly-Filter Media Pad

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Works in – Power Filters / Sump Filters / Under gravel Filters / Canister Type Filters / Wet Dry Sumps

Removes – Harmful Organics / Toxic Ammonia / Heavy Metals / All Forms of Phosphates / Medication after Treatment.

Will Not – Soften water or remove Trace Minerals

Poly– filter is the best mechanical and chemical filter on the market

  1. Can be used in fresh and saltwater.
  2. Poly-Filter changes color when it is depleted. Not only that– the color it changes to tell you what it has been removing.
  3. Removes all contaminants including phosphate, the main cause of algae in tanks.
  4. A small piece can be used as a filter in a small bowl or tank. Just remove and replace when it changes color.
  5. Poly– Filter can also be used to clean the glass as particles on the tank stick to Poly– Filter. They are not just wiped off and left to float around in the water.

Poly-filter is the best chemical filter media available, capable of absorbing a large range of harmful chemicals. It comes as filter-pad-like media, which means that it also acts as a mechanical filter, however these must be replaced when it has maxed out its chemical filtering capability.

Great for purifying your aquarium water but more importantly. It’s a very unique and helpful tool to letting you know what is in your water by changing color to represent what it is stripping out. A special patented material that is bonded to a synthetic matrix. It provides a high amount of surface area for Mechanical filtration.

Highly adsorbent chemical filter media pads quickly and efficiently remove impurities, medications, and phosphate from aquarium water. Use in conventional power filters, undergravel filters, thechemical filtration compartment of canister filters and wet/dry filters. Simply cut to any size or shape to custom fit any aquarium filter. Rapidly improves water clarity and actively removes harmful organic and various inorganic wastebuildup for several months. Changes color to indicate the pollutants being removed and when Poly-Filter (R)is exhausted. Will not leach pollutants upon saturation. Used by researchers, hospitals, etc. For use in freshwater or marine aquariums.




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