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Rasbora - Purple Harlequin (Trigonostigma heteromorpha)

Rasbora - Purple Harlequin (Trigonostigma heteromorpha)

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Rasboras are mostly native to South East Asia, are easy to keep and can live for 3-5 years. They are peaceful fish, preferring to be in schools of 6 or more and make great community fish. Rasboras prefer large aquariums with plenty of plants.

Grows to: 3-10cm

Diet: Omnivores - Tropical pellets/flakes

Temperature: 22-27 °C

pH: 6.5-7.5

Temperament: Peaceful

Compatibility: Suited to community aquariums with Live Bearers, Tetras, Gouramis, Danios, and Catfish. 

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