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Aquarium Systems - ASF Reef Crystals Sea Salt

Aquarium Systems - ASF Reef Crystals Sea Salt

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** Reef Crystals Salt products (excluding 2kg satchel) are a bulky item.  A shipping  surcharge may be required for regional WA and Eastern States customers. Bulky items are not covered under Free Freight **

400g satchel sold individually(makes 10L water @1.024)

2kg satchel also available individually(makes 60L of water @1.020)

20kg bucket is as stated(makes 600L of water @1.020)

20kg box consists of 10x 2kg packs.


Reef Crystals sea salt is the first formulation of enriched sea water to contain the additional benefit of elements important to Reef aquarium enthusiasts.

Additional calcium that enables Reef organisms to form their shells or skeletal structures.

Additional trace elements that provide additional important nutritional elements.

Additional vitamins that promote the optimal growth and survival of corals, anemones, algae, etc.

A neutraliser that eradicates the dangers presented by the heavy metals in the domestic water supply.

Reef Crystals represents a significant improvement in the field of aquarium maintenance. Fully compatible with all salt water aquariums, it presents no danger to animals which are not specifically Reef-dwelling.


Use in 5 minutes

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