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Tetra Rosy

Tetra Rosy

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Even though the stunning rose pink of the body is sufficient to make this tetra an aquarium favourite, its appeal is further enhanced by a high black dorsal fin edged along the front by a white margin. All other fins are flushed pink, and also the ventral and anal fins are frequently white tipped.

Sexing adult fish isn’t challenging; the male has the larger and much more pointed dorsal fin. The dorsal of the female generally has a brighter red tip. The average size of adults is about 1.75 inch.

The rosy tetra isn’t an simple species to breed. The aquarium should be very clean, and filled to about 8 inch deep with fresh, but matured, tap water. Anchor plants to leave a clear area just below the surface as it is likely that spawning will happen above the plants. The temperature should be raised to 80° F. In all other respects this species breed in precisely the exact same manner as does H. flammeus.

Fish Name : Rosy Tetra
Scientific Name : Hyphessobrycon Rosaceus
Average Temperature : 76° F
Reproduction : Oviparous
Natural Location : Guiana and Brazil
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