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Salifert Copper Cu Test - Marine & Freshwater

Salifert Copper Cu Test - Marine & Freshwater

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Salifert copper test for fresh and sea water

Copper is often used as a remedy for fish which are infected with parasites. It is extremely important to be correct, as can be harmful to high concentrations of copper for marine fish and invertebrates.

Tap water may also contain significant amounts of copper, so it is recommended that this be tested regularly.
The Salifert test kit offers a very sensitive and reliable test to weekly or dissolved copper chelate formed from 0.05 mg / l to 2 mg / l to be measured.

Salifert Copper Test seawater

* Measurement of dissolved or weakly chelated (bound for example, citric acid)
* Copper in the range of 0, 05-2 mg / L
* The measurement should be made well after each copper treatment, as in the routine of the aquarium water actimetry
* One pack is enough for 50 tests

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