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Tang Double Line/Lieutenant (Acanthurus tennenti) "Rare"

Tang Double Line/Lieutenant (Acanthurus tennenti) "Rare"

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Double Line Tangs undergo a colour transition as they develop into adults. Juveniles have a yellow/gold body colour with a black ring around their eye. As they become adults, they develop 2 black bands above the pectoral fins. Hence the names Double band or Lieutenant also identify this species. The caudal peduncle at the base of the tail has a distinctive black spot circled in blue. Blue trimming is also visible on the end of its tail fin.

There is limited information about captivity breeding. In the wild Double Line, Tangs release sperm and eggs into the sea. Larvae are pelagic, they develop for around 7 weeks before returning to the reef.

There is a number of areas in the Indo-Pacific region that Double Line Tangs inhabit. Distribution spreads across the East African coast, Madagascar, Malaysia, Indonesia, and Thailand. They live around rocky areas and reef slopes, usually to a depth of around 35 metres.

Tank Recommendations for Double Line Tangs

Tank size should be 180 gallons (681 litres) or bigger.

Double Line Tangs are reef safe and can also join a fish only aquarium. They need a tank with plenty of Live Rock. This provides grazing opportunities and places to sleep or shelter. A large amount of open space for swimming needs to be available.

There should be at least one area of the tank that has strong water movement. Water oxygenation is also important for this species.

Suitable Tank Buddies

Double Line Tangs are semi-aggressive. They show aggression to conspecifics, but don't make many problems with other fish. It is also possible to house them with larger more aggressive fish

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