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Tiny Ramous Wood (20 - 50cm)

Tiny Ramous Wood (20 - 50cm)

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With the launch of A.P. Natural Products we have ordered in several new and exciting hardscape materials. Some of these are going to become staple core ranges whereas others might be a rare one-off product that will be available for a limited time. As such we would like to introduce the A.P. Natural Sample Box range, these are items currently undergoing evaluation to determine if they will become a core range in the future or if they will remain as a special order only item.

Currently only one of each sample box is available, if you would like a product that is on backorder please feel free to place an expression of interest (EOI) as these EOIs are what will ultimately determine if a certain product becomes a core line.

Ramous Driftwood: Ramous driftwood is a particularly thin and delicate driftwood type known for dense branch structures. Each piece of ramous wood if very light and typically 20-50cm at its widest point. 


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