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Wrasse - Small Tail / Pencil (Pseudojuloides splendens) "Rare"

Wrasse - Small Tail / Pencil (Pseudojuloides splendens) "Rare"

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Keeping and caring for Pencil Wrasse is similar to the efforts involved in caring for Anampses wrasse species. Pencil Wrasse can be difficult to acclimate and condition to life in the home marine aquarium. Pseudojuloides species are notoriously challenging, sensitive, and finicky eaters even though they are not known to have a specialized diet. Therefore, LiveAquaria® considers all species of Pencil Wrasse “Expert Only” and recommend them for experienced wrasse keepers.

First and foremost, let’s not forget that these splendors of the sea have been shipped from across the world after being collected, held at a collection station, then shipped to a wholesaler, who in turn ships to your online retailer of choice or local fish store. After such a tumultuous journey, it is critical to provide the best environment possible for your new addition.

Knowing your newly acquired Pencil Wrasse has arrived to you after a series of potentially stressful events, it is paramount the fish is allowed to properly settle into a stress-free environment and routine to help with acclimation and conditioning to its new home. Tank mates, especially existing tank mates, need to be critically assessed ahead of time and chosen wisely as Pencil Wrasse will not fare well with established bullies and potentially aggressive fish such as Tangs, Triggers, Groupers, Damsels, Maroon Clownfish, etc. When stocking your aquarium, doing your research and homework in advance is key to successful acclimation of sensitive Pseudojuloides wrasse as well as other “Expert Only” fish. This point cannot be stressed enough. Some of these potentially aggressive fish listed can sometimes be introduced once the Pencil Wrasse has been introduced with success. In other words, the Pencil Wrasse needs to be established in the aquarium first before considering other compatible tank mates.

Most Pencil Wrasse range in size from 3-1/2 to 5 inches so a moderate to large sized aquarium should be provided for these active swimmers. Said aquarium should also be mature and established with “live” rock with, at minimum, a 2 inch deep bed of “live” sand or soft substrate that will host amphipods and copepods for the wrasse to hunt and feed. Such natural food sources are extremely helpful if the wrasse is not yet fully-adjusted to frozen/thawed brine shrimp or mysis shrimp. The deep sand or substrate bed also provides shelter for the wrasse to burrow and hide in when needed.

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Wrasse - Small Tail / Pencil  (Pseudojuloides splendens) "Rare"
Wrasse - Small Tail / Pencil (Pseudojuloides splendens) "Rare"
Wrasse - Small Tail / Pencil (Pseudojuloides splendens) "Rare"
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