Collection: Coral Essentials

Bring your coral to life

Here at Coral Essentials we love to give our customers the option to make things simple by premixing the various Calcium, Carbonate and Magnesium solutions with trace elements. So with that in mind we created our Calcium + Trace, Carbonate + Trace and Magnesium + Trace range. However experienced reefers like to have full control over these essential additional elements. Our Coral Essentials Method provides your marine aquarium corals the minerals and vitamin supplements they require for healthy growth, vivid colouration and vitality, in the quantity and dosage rates you demand. The Coral Essentials Method simply uses our Calcium Up, Carbonate Up, Magnesium Up and you mix in our world renowned Power Trace Element range in the levels you require to have full and complete control over your supplementation program. Our product additives cover all aspects of marine aquarium supplementation and management. From trace elements, to feeding, and our exciting new range of Black Label products. Our Chroma+, Vibrance+ and Energy+ or our CVE+ will bring your coral to life like you’ve never seen before.
At Sustainable Reefs we live for coral. It’s our passion, our love, our life. We produce the best commercially aquacultured SPS coral in Australia and export all around the world. Our Coral Essentials range is based on the techniques we've adopted from thorough experimentation growing coral in marine aquarium environments, from small aquariums to large scale commercial aquaculture facilities. Our knowledge gained from years of testing a multitude of different supplement regiments has resulted in superior products for a closed system marine environment.