Collection: TritonLabs

The TritonLabs range is an assortment of all supplements designed for the optimum health of reef aquariums.

The product line is more concentrated compared to competing brands, and therefore will last longer when it comes to dosing. Ideal for long-term budget and perfect for large systems. 

TRITON was founded in 2008 in Germany.
It started as a small family business with
the goal to drive innovation and
change the industry of reef keeping.

***Reef tank Powered by TritonLabs

The proof is in the pudding

Seeing the problems listed above we all search for a proof, a goal or an aquarium, that gives us confidence that the path we have chosen is the right one and leads us to reef keeping success.
We, at TRITON, have chosen to prove our products and services through the hardest, but most transparent way, to our customers.
Unlike others, that rely upon untested theories and slick marketing, our proof is the TRITON show tank operated successfully in the public eye for over 8 years, without the need for water changes.

By creating the TRITON Method we offered the first “total package” in reef keeping. Each part proven to work synergistically together or equally well in isolation.
No longer is there a need to look everywhere to fill each gap in your knowledge and try and decide what would be the best.
TRITON provides ease of use and peace of mind for those taking their first steps on the path to reef keeping success.