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Ammania gracilis

Ammania gracilis

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*Pictures are of the plant at full potential*

Grows to an average height of 4-50cm (MID to BACKGROUND)

 Ammania gracilis needs nutrient rich water and substrate to do well in the aquarium. The color is almost an red/pink, and propagation is by cuttings, which should be at least 10 inches long.

 Ammania gracilis needs a lot of light to do well. The width of each stem is about 5-10 cm, based on leaf growth. The leaf is curved in a downward fashion in an arch.

 In order to achieve strong shoots the substrate should be nutrient rich and light intensity high. Five to eight strong specimens can be used for the midground area to help accent the shades of green aquarium plants. Ammania gracilis does much better in soft water. Can withstand temps from 53.6 to 86 degrees. Optimum growth temperature is 24-28C.

Ammania gracilis requires high lighting to do well. If kept in low-light tanks the leaves take on a dirty brown color. Separate each stem and plant individually. This will result in better growth and the lower leaves will still receive some light as the this aquarium plant grows taller.


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