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Angelfish Herald's (False Lemon Peel) Adult

Angelfish Herald's (False Lemon Peel) Adult

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This species of dwarf angelfish is a bright yellow color all over but some variants may have a dark area on top that usually fades during captivity. They are often confused with their cousin the Lemon Peel Angelfish. They can be distinguished by the lack of a blue ring around the eyes. They will swim around the bottom half of the tank-like tiny flashes of sunshine.

The males of the species can sometimes develop dark areas with yellow dots behind the eyes when fully matured. Herald's Angel Fish has not shown any signs of reproduction in captivity as of yet.

As with all angelfish, there is some risk to coral when keeping them. Their ability to consume algae and detritus makes this challenging fish very rewarding for the intermediate aquarium owner.

Heraldi angelfish are found all over the Pacific ocean from Taiwan to Southern Japan and the Great Barrier Reef. They have usually seen in a group of 1 male and 3-4 females although have been spotted in pairs too. They inhabit lagoon patches and reef/rubble slopes from 5-90 meters deep.

Tank Recommendations for the Heraldi Angelfish

The smallest tank size for this species is 210 liters for a single fish, which must be increased if more females are added.

These fish will spend most of their time swimming around the bottom so a tank that is longer rather than taller is generally preferred.

Due to the grazing nature of Heraldi Angelfish, they should only be added to a tank that is at least 6 months old and well established. This gives the algae plenty of time to accumulate and provide for the fish's nutritional needs. Lots of live rock and places to hide are essential.

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