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Anthias Sunburst "Rare"

Anthias Sunburst "Rare"

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Also known as Anthias, Basslet, Coral Perch, Fathead Anthias, Fathead Sunburst Anthias, Hawk Anthias, Sea Perch, Sunburst Anthias, Swallowtail Basslet.

Found singly, or in small, loose schools, sometimes swimming upside down, close to caves, under ledges, and around drop-offs, of coral reefs.
They feed on zooplankton.
Length - 13cm
Depth - 15-70m
Widespread Western Pacific

Anthias are often found in large schools often in there hundreds or thousands feeding high above the reef on zooplankton.
They start their life off as females and when there is an opening for a male will change to head up their harem of females.
Males are much more colourful and often have filamentous streamers which they use for their mating dance and to deter other males. 

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