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Apistogramma - Viejita Red Edge PAIR

Apistogramma - Viejita Red Edge PAIR

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A. viejita ‘Red,’ also known as the Red-Neck Apisto, is a color variant of Apistogramma viejita with red coloration on its gills, one-third of its upper body, and caudal fin, contrasted by a golden base, dorsal fin, anal fin, and pelvic fin.

Red is the naturally occurring color of Apistogramma viejita, and the brightness of red varies among different populations in the wild.

In recent years, a super red morph called ‘Apistogramma viejita II’ has gained popularity among enthusiasts, thanks to its vivid red coloration covering the whole body. It is believed that its vibrant full-red coloration is produced by the selective breeding of A. macmasteri with the true A. viejita or with its closely related species A. sp. ‘Rotflecken/Red-flecked’.

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