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Discus - Pigeon Blood

Discus - Pigeon Blood

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Display quality Pigeon Blood Discus. 13+cm radius each. 

Discus are shy and generally peaceful aquarium inhabitants. They are sensitive to stress and disturbance or lack of protection. The best cohabitants may be angelfish and small characides like tetras. It is noteworthy, however, that small fish may be intimidated or eaten by the discus. Catfish with sucker mouths are less than ideal cohabitants for discus since they sometimes attach themselves on the sides of the discus and eat their mucus membranes.

Aquariums for discus should be kept within a temperature range of 26-31 C; a temperature of 29 C is thought ideal for adults. Babies and young fish should be maintained at 31 C degrees. The water should be very soft and acidic; a pH of 5.5 - 6.5 is considered good for wild caught discus.

Captive bred fish adapt very well to harder water and to pH up to 7.2, except when attempting to breed, in which case soft and acidic is best. VERY clean water with frequent large volume water changes is necessary for the health of these fish. Allow approximately 40 litres of water in the tank per each adult fish.

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