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Echinodorus uruguayensis (Amazon Uruguay Sword)

Echinodorus uruguayensis (Amazon Uruguay Sword)

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The Uruguay Swordplant originates from the subtropical southeastern part of South America. It develops large submerged stands in relatively cool rivers and streams. Echinodorus uruguayensis is known for many years as robust, easy to grow and very decorative aquarium plant. The leaves are strap-shaped, flexible, leathery and somewhat transparent.. There are many forms of this species, differing in length, width and coloration of the leaves. The form offered by us is delivered from the nurseries with the label "Echinodorus africanus". It has freshly green, quite narrow, up to 40 cm long submerged leaves.

Echinodorus uruguayensis is not demanding and thrives well with cooler temperatures of about 16-24 °C, also tolerating higher temperatures. It is even capable of overwintering in outdoor ponds as long as long as they don't freeze through. Medium lighting is sufficient. As well as all Echinodorus this species benefits much from a nutrient-rich bottom. It develops a creeping rhizome with time that can be splitted for propagation. Its inflorescences with big white flowers and adventitious plantlets appear rather rarely under aquarium conditions.

This Echinodorus wild type develops countless, long-lasting leaves. It is a magnificent solitary and group plant in the midground to background of taller tanks. In contrast to the many colourful Echinodorus hybrids, E. uruguayensis is interesting for nature aquariums. unzählige, langlebige Blätter und ist eine prächtige Solitär- und Gruppenpflanze im Mittel- bis Hintergrund von hohen Aquarien. According to its origin, it is also an ideal choice for cooler tanks with fishes from the subtropical and temperate zone.

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