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Gudgeon - Peacock (Tateurndina ocellicauda)

Gudgeon - Peacock (Tateurndina ocellicauda)

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Scientific Name Tateurndina ocellicauda
Common Name Peacock gudgeon, peacock goby
Tank size 40 liters (10 US gallons) and more
Temperament Peaceful
Diet Omnivorous
Temperature 72°F-78°F (22 to 26 °С)
pH 6.0-7.5
Size up to 7,5 cm (3 in)

A small tank of 40 liters (10 US gallons) capacity will do for a couple of fish. Peacock gudgeon feels safe and comfortable among large number of floating plants.

Using dark tank bottom substrate will help the fish to demonstrate maximum of its beauty. You can use coarse grained sand or small gravels up to 5 mm as the bottom substrate.

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