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Pleco - Leopard Frog L134

Pleco - Leopard Frog L134

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Peckoltia compta is without doubt the most popular Peckoltia species, and in fact one of the most desired of all the l-numbers. Not so strange really, because in most ways this is the perfect aquarium Pleco! Fantastic looks, convenient adult size, peaceful behaviour, omnivore and easy to maintain, not difficult to breed, just make sure the water is warm and soft and well oxygenated.

  • Name: Peckoltia compta (Oliveria, Zuanon, Py-Daniel & Rocha, 2010) 
  • Trade names: L134, Leopard Frog Pleco
  • Origin: Rio Tapajos, Rio Jamanxim, Brazil
  • Maximum TL: 12 cm / 5''

Peckoltia compta is sometimes portrayed with a very pale, almost white body – this is a stress signal. Well conditioned and happy individuals are yellow with black markings. From Rio Jamanxim comes a variety of Peckoltia compta with a slightly different pattern. These have more spots than stripes. This is a very rare form in the hobby.

Peckoltia compta is an omnivore, so a varied diet is required. After a period of maintenance and conditioning the fish are easy to breed. Clean, warm water with good movement and a tank furnished with decent caves and other hiding places makes the fish feel relaxed, and the males will show off some impressive odontodal growth on their flanks. 10-50 eggs are laid in tight caves where the male guards them.

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