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Blue Eye - Delicate (Pseudomugil tenellus)

Blue Eye - Delicate (Pseudomugil tenellus)

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Pseudomugil tenellus:

Among the many stunning dwarf rainbows in Australia, the delicate blue eyes are quite easily near the top of the list for their stunning simplicity. Its small size, flashy demeanor, and simple colour palette make it a great fish for the aquarists looking for something new. 

Though they have delicate in their name these dwarf rainbows are relatively hardy fish that can thrive in a range of conditions including brackish. Where the name delicate blue eye most makes sense is with the aesthetic of these fish. They have an olive-green colouration that starts off very light and gradually gets darker near the tail end. for an added contrast they also have a jet black and white rim around the flashy, broad fins. Finally, the most characteristic trait is their powder blue eye that shimmers under the aquarium lighting. 

The small size of around 5 cm max makes the delicate blue eye a great addition for nano aquariums and their hardy nature allows them to be an easy choice for aquarists looking to enter the rainbow fish world. These fish display amazingly when kept in schools and are easily bred in the home aquarium given the right conditions. Males tend to have very flashy fins, and colors in contrast to the females which are less vibrant with subdued fin size. In the wild, the delicate blue eye can be found in freshwater and brackish waterways of northern Australia. 


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