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D-D Rowaphos

D-D Rowaphos

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To obtain the best results from RowaPhos and to keep your tank at almost zero phosphate levels it is important when starting up a new tank or on an existing tank with phosphate levels to use RowaPhos on a permanent basis.

RowaPhos will absorb phosphate, silicates and arsenic. It is entirely safe in both fresh and saltwater systems. It does not release, when exhausted, any chemicals back into the water. ie phosphate, silicates or arsenic.


How to use:

  • Never wash the product unless fluidising.
  • It must be kept damp at all times, it is not as effective if it dries out therefore, replace the lid if not using all of the container.
  • Place the product between two layers of filter wool in a canister filter.
  • Do not sprinkle into the aquarium.
  • Do not place it into water without surrounding it with filter wool.
  • When placed in a fluidised reactor or canister filter it is possible to measure zero phosphate leaving the canister, the flow should be turned down until that is achieved.
  • We recommend that you use a small quantity and replace regularly rather than a large amount and infrequently.

We recommended that you maintain your phosphate levels as follows:

In saltwater aquariums below 0.015ppm (P) (0.05ppm (PO4))

In freshwater aquariums and ponds below 0.03ppm (P) (0.1ppm (PO4))

Use of large quantities may cause a temporary drop in pH which will return to normal after a number of hours

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