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Swordtail Simpsons Red Double Tail

Swordtail Simpsons Red Double Tail

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Double swordtail fish have a unique caudal fin design, making them stand out more among other fellow swordtails.

Despite differences in appearance, all types of male swordtails usually reach 5.5 inches in length when they hit adulthood. As for females, they are slightly bigger and can grow up to 7 inches. If you have a batch of adult double swordtail fish in the same tank and they were born at the same time, checking the size of the fish can help you differentiate more or less the males from females.

As for the lifespan of these colorful fish, it depends a lot on each individual’s living condition and health, but a healthy one usually lives up to 5 years. 

Both male and female double swordtail fish have the same caudal fin design with elongated upper and underparts. This feature makes these babies special since, in normal swordtails, only the males have elongated tail fins.


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