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Tetra Black Diamond Head Neon

Tetra Black Diamond Head Neon

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The black diamond head neon tetra is native to the Paraguay basin of southern Brazil. In the wild, these fish prefer small tributaries, creeks, areas of flooded forest, and sandbanks. Their natural habitat is usually very acidic, and the water is stained brown from chemicals released by decaying organic material.

At an adult size of little more than 3cm, black neons are suitable for small aquariums. They are a schooling fish and should always be kept in groups of six or more. They also make a nice addition to a larger community aquarium, as they are peaceful and easy to care for.

Black Diamond Head Neon tetras do well in a community tank, as long as tankmates are not large or aggressive. They get along well with all sorts of other peaceful fish, such as rasboras, danios, dwarf gouramis, and other small tetras as well as corys and other small catfish. Avoid larger fish, as they will eat Black Neon tetras at the first opportunity. The rule of thumb is, if the mouth of the fish opens large enough to swallow the Black Neon, they will do it sooner or later.

Black Diamond Head Neon Tetras are not exceptionally difficult to care for, provided their water is kept clean. At least 25 to 50 percent of the tank water should be replaced every other week, especially if the tank is densely stocked. Because they are very active swimmers, it is also advisable to keep them in a tank at least 20 inches long and ideally 65 or more litres. The tank should be securely covered, as these fish are skilled jumpers and will likely demonstrate this if given the opportunity.

Its natural diet consists of small invertebrates and plants and often includes crustacea, filamentous algae, and fallen fruits. Black neons are not demanding and will eat almost anything offered to them; however, they should be fed a varied diet for optimum health and colour. Flake, frozen, and freeze-dried foods are all suitable, as are small live black worms and brine shrimp.

  • Species – Hyphessobrycon herbertaxelrodi
  • Common Name – Black Diamond Hea Neon Tetra
  • Origin – Paraguay basin of southern Brazil in South America.
  • Diet – Omnivores
  • PH Range – 5.5 – 7.5
  • Temperature – Tropical 23°c – 27°c
  • Breed Type – Egg Layer
  • Current Size – approximately 3.5cm (Grows to approximately 4cm)
  • Sex – Un-sexed
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