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Tetra Bleeding Heart 5cm

Tetra Bleeding Heart 5cm

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Bleeding Heart Tetra

Arguably the best-looking tetra out of the dozens of species available, this is a highly underrated but fantastic-looking fish. In a large school of 6 or more, these fish would be a standalone display species comparable to the beauty of fish such as discus or angelfish. Bleeding heart tetras are generally overlooked due to their somewhat bland colour as juveniles as they only have a slight pink tinge but are mostly grey and at times carry a higher price point when compared to the likes of the neon tetra however as these fish mature they look beyond phenomenal.

Unlike many aquarium fish available the bleeding heart tetra is naturally shimmering purple with a. Metallic pink undertone. They also have long flowing fins with a bold black outline along with a bright red underbelly and eye. But what earns them their name is the blood-red spot they have in the front midsection of their body which gives them the name bleeding heart. These tetras also grow fairly large making them great for larger planted aquariums and max out at around widow tetra stays at a maximum size of 7-8 cm.

Bleeding heart tetras look especially fantastic in a planted aquarium and are tropical fish meaning they should be kept in temperatures around 24-28 degrees. Because of their community aquarium tolerance, they are also evidently extremely peaceful fish but feel best when kept in schools of 6 as a minimum but ideally, 10 or more would be perfect. breeding these fish in captivity is not all that common but possible where females tend to be more rounder bellied than males. Females will scatter eggs through the aquarium and males follow by fertilizing. The wild origin of bleeding heart tetra is South America.


Tank Recommendations for your Bleeding Heart Tetra

Being a decent sized and relatively easy to care for fish the bleeding heart tetra can be kept in an aquarium with the minimum being 20 gallons (75 liters). However, a larger size is always recommended for these fish due to their size. A sand or gravel substrate would be fine for these fish as well as a lot of plant growth which not only makes them contrast really well but also makes them more comfortable in the aquarium. Bleeding Heart tetras are soft water fish meaning they require a low PH. They can be kept in PH as low as 6. 


Suitable Tank Buddies

The Bleeding Heart Tetra is an extremely peaceful fish that displays no aggression, they can be kept with a wide range of fish being top, bottom, and mid dweller fish. 


Usually Compatible

Discus, Angelfish, glowlight tetras, neon tetras, Apistogramma, rams, and a range of dwarf/nano peaceful fish.  


Sometimes Compatible

Due to their long flowing fins any fin nipping species or fish that may outcompete them for food such as guppies, tiger barbs, or Roseline sharks


Rarely Compatible

Large and aggressive species such as rainbow sharks, Raphael catfish, larger mouthed community fish may prey on the tetras and large cichlids.


Feeding your Bleeding heart tetras

Bleeding heart tetras are a very easy fish to feed. They will take a wide range of pellets, flakes, and frozen foods. Just like any fish though they should be fed a varied diet with a mix of different foods. The ideal diet would be a good quality micro slow sinking pellet or crushed flake, supplemented with frozen bloodworms or black worms or even live foods like baby brine shrimp or micro worms. 

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