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Whip & Fan Corals (Gorgonian sp.)

Whip & Fan Corals (Gorgonian sp.)

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Gorgonian coral care can vary greatly. Gorgonian coral are both the easiest, and possibly hardest coral to keep in the home aquarium. Some species of gorgonian coral are photosynthetic, like most other coral such as acropora, montipora, acans, zoanthids, etc. These photosynthetic gorgonian coral are very easy to care for and make amazing beginner coral!

Unlike many other coral types, some gorgonian coral are non-photosynthetic. At first thought, many think this would make them easier as a beginner soft coral. With no reliance on light, the newbie home reef tank sounds like a great fit. The problem is that they need food for energy. Feeding excessive amounts of coral food is one of the leading causes of elevated nitrates and phosphates. Meaning you will likely have high nutrients, or the coral may not survive. There are ways to keep non-photosynthetic gorgonian coral happy without crashing your tank.

Non-Photosynthetic Gorgonian Coral Care requires at least weekly feeding. This species of gorgonian will need detritus, brine shrimp, cyclops, or some other prepared coral food such as Reef Roids.

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