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Wrasse - Secretive

Wrasse - Secretive

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Secretive Wrasse

The Six-Line Wrasses secret cousin! This species of wrasse is dark red in colour with fine horizontal white lines running along its body. It has a blue smudge just below the eye and magnificent fluorescent red scales.

The males and females are extremely similar in patterns and markings, but the female's colouring is slightly less vibrant than its male counterpart. Breeding in captivity so far has not been successful with this species.

The Secretive Wrasse gets its name from its intense speed and manoeuvrability. This enables it to dart in and out of small crevices to hunt or evade being eaten.

These fish are found all over the Indo-Pacific region ranging from Hawaii to Japan and over to the Red Sea and even Africa. They inhabit seaward sloping reefs down to 40 metres but are rarely seen above 20. They live a solitary life apart from when breeding which is thought to happen during the summer.

Tank Recommendations for the Secretive Wrasse

The smallest tank size required for this species of fish is 90 litres. They need plenty of horizontal swimming areas and live rock to use for shelter and hunting. This type of wrasse will thrive in an already established aquarium with microfauna either as a fish only setup with live rock or a reef setting. Due to their quickness and erratic nature, a well-fitting tank lid is essential to avoid losing both them and other startled fish over the side.

Suitable Tank Buddies

The Secretive Wrasse will do well with other peaceful to semi-aggressive tank buddies. They should not be kept with other types of wrasse or similar-looking fish as usually fighting will occur.

Usually Compatible

Great choices to keep together with these fish, as they are big enough and boisterous enough not to get bullied easily by the wrasse, are Tangs, Boxfish and large Angelfish. Damsels or Fancy Damsels can also hold their own against them and would make excellent tank buddies.

Sometime Compatible

Species that should be watched carefully when keeping together are Snappers, Pufferfish and Parrotfish. Gobies, Clownfish and Groupers also need a close eye kept on them when combining with this species. As long as they aren't big enough to see the wrasse as prey then Eels, Lionfish and Anglerfish may also be housed with them.

Rarely Compatible

Decorative crustaceans and invertebrates will be seen as prey and actively hunted so keep those out of the tank or be prepared to lose them. Sharks are also a definite no due to them preying naturally on the Secretive Wrasse. Shy, timid species such as Seahorses and Pipefish will not be able to compete for food and as such should not be added to the tank either.

Feeding Your Secretive Wrasse

This species is carnivorous and much like in the wild will spend most of the day cruising around looking for things to eat. As long as a healthy supply of copepods, small worms and other microfauna are present in the tank then they will only need occasional supplemental offerings of small meaty items. Give them mysis/brine shrimp, pellet preparations for carnivores and vitamin-enriched marine preparations. You will find that they will pick at most food that other fish species from the same region will consume.

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